For congregations

Hydraulic lifter 1500 OKS

The hydraulic lifter is available in two versions: hydraulic manual use or hydraulic battery driven. The materials are stainless steel and painted steel. The lifter can be equipped with a digital scale device. Lifting range is 370 - 1700 mm, length 2300 mm, width 700 mm and lifting capacity 200 kg.

Light lifter 180 M

A lightbuilt, yet a strong lifter. The height adjustment is manual or battery driven. Designed for use with low cold rooms.

Catafalque wagon 210 TKF

The 210TKF catafalque wagon with detachable handle, is manufactured of oak veneer, other material is available upon request. The product has four wheels with locking option. The to wagon types are: model without stretcher or option to use with strecher. Both sides of the wagon can be equipped with shelves for flowers. The length is 2100 mm, width 720 mm and height 470 mm.

Wagon for outdoor use 210 SV

Wagon for outdoor use with brake and turning front wheel.