Cold rooms

Design: From outside the cold rooms are galvanized steel with plastic surface. From the inside hospital models are stainless steel, and gongregation models are galvanized steel with plastic surface. The thickness of the wall is 65 mm, insulated with polyurethane, k-value is 35W/m2 K. The doors are polyurethane insulated double doors, inner and outer surfaces are stainless steel.

Equipments: Hospital model - shelves with wheels are stainless steel as well as the rails and racks. Congregation model - shelves are supplied with aluminium- or rubber surface. The rubber surface is also used as cover of the catafalque wagon 210 TKF.

Machinery: The compressor compartment is hermetically sealed and air cooled. It's normally placed on top of the cold room or on a shelf installed on the outer wall. The electrical connection is 1-phase 220V and 50Hz. The whole product with machinery is installed and tested in the factory, except models 11240 HLS and 8430 HLS. These larger cold rooms are normally equipped with machinery which is placed in a separate machinery room. The cold rooms can also be manufactured as freezer models.

Download measurements of cold rooms here.

Cold room for two deceased

The cold room opens from the side. It has been designed especially for small hospitals and old-age homes. Length 2430mm, width 980 mm, height 1499 mm.